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SRDT is an ongoing program and we work in school years, not sessions.

Our school year follows most of the SRCS dates and runs from mid August through the end of May.

You can pay tuition monthly or quarterly.

You can withdraw when you feel necessary, but you will need to submit a written withdrawal at least 14 days prior to the first of the month in which the drop is to occur otherwise, tuition charges will continue to incur, regardless of attendance.



SRDT offers summer classes which is extremely important for the continued development of their dance training and technique.

Taking a 2.5 month break during the summer months sets students back in their strength and muscle memory which they have worked so hard to improve and which are vital to their ballet training!

We see the summer classes as a continuation of the school year, so all students that will take the summer classes will remain in the same level as the previous school year.

If they are due to move up a level, they will start their new level at the beginning of the new school year.

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Pre and Intro Ballet

Our Pre-Ballet and Intro Ballet classes are specifically designed for the 3-6 year old child that's ready to join a classroom environment. Dancers practice age appropriate exercises, exploring the joy of dance and movement. Classes are designed to be fun and exciting while also focusing on improving the coordination, strength, and balance of our tiny dancers. 


Pre-Ballet classes are offered to children ages 3-4 years old. (Children need to be potty trained to enter this class)

Intro Ballet classes are offered to children ages 5-6 years old.


Levels 1 - 5


Our school levels 1-5 offer classes for dancers who desire to further develop their classical ballet education. We offer training from beginning to the Pre-Professional level. 

Our faculty is qualified to train dancers at a level that would allow them to pursue careers at a professional level. 


Dancers in these levels have the opportunity to take classes in ballet technique, pointe classes and classical/contemporary repertoire.


Adult Ballet




Our adult ballet program offers ballet classes of all ages and skill level. We are excited to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the joy of dance at SRDT. 

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