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Leotards: (these EXACT leotards need to be worn during any of our performances)

  • Pre- and Intro Ballet (Pink): MIRELLA, Child Cap Sleeve Leotard. Style # M515C  

  • Level 1 / 1.5 (Light/Pastel blue): BLOCH Girls Essential Short Sleeve Leotard. Style # CL 5602  

  • Levels 2 / 2.5 (Lavender): BLOCH Girls Essential Camisole Leotard. Style # CL 5607

  • Level 3 / 3.5 (Burgundy): BLOCH Girls Essential Camisole Leotard. Style # CL 5607

  • Level 4 / 4.5 (Navy): BLOCH Girls Essential Camisole Leotard. Style # CL 5607

  • Level 5: (Black) Girls sizes: BLOCH Girls Essential Camisole Leotard. Style # CL 5607

      Adult sizes: BLOCH Adult Essential Camisole Leotard. Style # L 5607


  • All Levels: Black tights, white T-shirt or leotard, black shoes.  

                     For performances they'll need a white tank top, for link see below.

Below are links to where you can order them online. They can be found by clicking on the picture. 


Go to our own Discount Dance Page, click on your student's level, check the "class notes" in the top right corner and all the required items are there for you.

Please ask us if you have any questions.



Tights for the girls should be footed Capezio tights, ballet pink, with NO seem in the back.

Example style numbers:

1916, 1916C (child), 1916X (toddler)


Especially from the Levels 1 and up, we strongly suggest getting shoes from brands like Bloch, Capezio, Sansha or any kind from a professional ballet store or website.

Target, Payless and similar stores are not specialized in ballet shoes and will work against getting the right ballet technique.

Ballet shoes from these stores are not manufactured correctly to allow for the proper articulation of the feet in ballet class.

Also please avoid any prints on shoes. The shoes should be plain, solid color, light pink.

Our preferred shoe is a canvas shoe with split sole; 

Bloch "Performa" 

Black for the boys.


Hair in a bun, off the neck if short. 

The perfect ballet bun should look like this, especially for our performances :)

Try to make it as flat as possible.

Bun Picture.jpg



Any solid, white shirt that's form fitting.

For our performances they'll need the following tank top


Black tights


For all options please go here:




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